Trinity Symbol

Three rings joined in a triangular pattern with a crown on top, alpha and omega symbols in the top ring, a Chi-Rho symbol in the left ring, a dove in the right ring, and a host above a paten in the middle of the rings containing the first three letters of the name “Jesus” in Latin.

The Trinity Symbol above represents the three eternal persons of the one true God. The top circle is crowned for God the Father, with the “Alpha and Omega” from Revelation 1:8, “the beginning and the end” of all that exists. The left circle with a Chi-Rho symbol symbolizes Christ, God the Son. The last circle contains a dove, the Holy Spirit. A host above a paten in the front-and-center of the Trinity symbol contains the first three letters of the name “Jesus” in Latin, thus symbolizing the Most Holy Eucharist. This shows that communion with Christ Jesus in the Eucharist, present in all our church tabernacles, is what allows our relationship with the true and living God, Father Son, and Holy Spirit. -Fr. Timothy Naples

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