Conclusion of Bishops’ Synod on the Family

Pope Francis concluded a synod gathering of bishops on October 18th. The concluding summary of the bishops’ synod advice on “Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization” published the same date, Oct. 18, is available online.

A short quote from the section “Accompanying the Married Couple in the Initial Years of Marriage.” “Experienced couples are of great importance in any pastoral activity. The parish is the ideal place for [them] to be of service to younger couples, with the possible cooperation of associations, ecclesial movements and new communities. Married couples need encouragement in a basic openness to the great gift of children. The importance of family spirituality, prayer and participation in the Sunday Eucharist needs emphasis so couples might be encouraged to meet regularly to promote growth in their spiritual life and solidarity in the concrete demands of life.”  Click here for the full text.

Full text on the Vatican website

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