A white church with a clock steeple sits against a blue sky. The blue sky has a clock face superimposed over it showing the hours 10 and 11 with the hand on the 10 and a gradient moving from the 11 to the 10. The text "St. Paul's - Barton Sunday Mass" is on the clock face.

St. Paul’s Sunday Mass Time Change – 10am

Starting Sunday, Sept. 4th, 2016, the Sunday 11:00AM Mass at St. Paul’s in Barton will permanently change to starting at 10:00AM.

Please help spread the word to anyone who might not know!

This is the only Mass time change planned. Previous plans to change the Sunday St. John Vianney Mass and the Saturday St. Paul’s Mass have been cancelled.

For weekend Mass times for all of our churches and weekday Masses, please visit our Mass times section by clicking here.

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