The lower steeple section of a white church with a clock face on two sides, each featuring gold roman numeral numbers against a black clockface. The time says 10:41. A curved overhang roof is below a shingled steeple leading up out of site. Tall shuttered white windows are below the clock. Small black lights are below the clock faces.

The Gift of Time (Complete!)

Dear Friends, there is good news to report about the project to restore the use of St. Paul’s Church Clock. Initial estimates were very expensive because this kind of work is so rare and specialized. One of the few New England companies available had given estimates of $15,500 to restore the mechanical clock, or $16,500 to install an electrical system. As things unfolded we received a wonderful alternative bid to restore the mechanics. The parish can restore the clock mechanics for $5,000 with the services of a Brownington summer resident who is a certified watchmaker. Brian Tanguay of Gardner Massachusetts has submitted this proposal, and the groundwork is being done for him to restore the clock. References from Massachusetts have given their input on other church clocks that he has restored. The parish council and finance council have been able to recommend this opportunity, and several parishioners have expressed their willingness to wind the mechanical clock periodically. The last update on the clock fund stated that parishioners had donated more than $7,000, and so we are happy to say that we have cash on hand to pay Tanguay Jewelers upon completion of the project, with some money leftover to make the gift of time plaques and accompanying aesthetic work to the clock and church. Thank you so very much to all who have made this possible!
In Christ and Mary,
Fr. Timothy Naples

Below are updated lists of all the priests/religious names submitted for the remembrance plaque, and all the loved ones’ names submitted for the $300+ donations plaque. We would like to make certain that no names are missing or misspelled before they are engraved. Please see the list below. (Click “Continue Reading” if necessary)

If you see any errors in these lists, please contact the parish office. If you would like to submit a new name for the lists, please see the printable donation sheet available by clicking here.


Fr. Albert “Skip” Baltz
Fr. Paul Bouffard
Fr. Philip Brannon
Sr. Lydia Dargie
Fr. Charles Davignon
Fr. Patrick Forman
Fr. Armand Fortin
Rev. W. Gilineau
Leona LaClair (Sr. Gertrude)
Fr. William Laliberte
Rev. Philip R. Lamothe
Fr. James Mattison
Fr. Armand Morin
Fr. Taurinus Muchunguzi
Fr. Normand Nadeau
Fr. Timothy Naples
Fr. Sixmund Nyabenda
Sr. Jean’arc Poirier / Sr. (St.) Bernadette
Fr. Forrest Rouelle
Fr. Daniel Rupp

Loved Ones:

Jason A. Berard
Marie “Loli” Berard
Thomas P. Giglio
Michael & Marie Peck / Howard & Mae Taylor
Mark Noel Perry
Noel Albert Perry
Fernand, Michael, Brian, & Dennis Preseault

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