Safe & Sacred Yearly Training: Course 2 Instructions

(Please note: these instructions are specifically for volunteers and employees renewing their Safe & Sacred training for the second year. If this is not your second year this information may not apply.)

  1. Click here to access the Login page on the Diocesan Safe & Sacred website. (It should open in a new tab in your browser, so you may refer to these instructions while you complete it)
  2. Enter your username and password in the area at the left. If you do not remember your username or password, click on the link marked “Forgotten your username or password” on the left. (If you see a page with your name displayed in name fields you are already logged in and you may proceed to step 3)

    The login screen with arrows pointing to the Username and forgotten password fields.
    Click on any image for a larger view
  3. Once logged in, click on the blue button labelled “My Courses” near the top of the screen.
  4. A pulldown menu will open. Select the 2nd course called “Professional Boundaries & Behaviors” (You should have already completed the course called “Recognizing Child Abuse” last year, which does not need to be taken a second time.)
  5. Press the large green “GO” button on the right to begin the training.
  6. Once you have followed all of the steps to finish the training, the message “You have completed the course steps” should be displayed on the left. If it shows that message, you are done!
  7. If it does not display that message, make certain you have completed all of the steps by clicking the green “GO” button again.
  8. It should continue from where you left off. Examine the page carefully to make sure there are no other buttons to proceed or tasks left to be completed.
  9. If clicking the “GO” button again takes you to the beginning of the course, or you cannot figure out how to proceed, contact the parish office.If you have any problems contact the Trinity Parish Safe Environment Coordinator by clicking here to contact the parish office.

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